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Zerachiel Amora (also known as Zera) is an American cosplayer on the East Coast, best known for her cosplays from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Evil Within, and Sucker for Love. She used to primarily do horror cosplays, but has since branched out to other genres.


ZerachielAmora DanielofMayfair

Zera's updated Daniel cosplay

Zera started her cosplay career back in 2011, with a Daniel of Mayfair cosplay from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It was regularly worn by her over the years and became her most recognizable cosplay to date. The outfit would eventually be upgraded by 2016.

She went on to cosplay all the remaining protagonists of Frictional Games' titles, such as Justine Florbelle, Oswald Mandus, and Simon Jarrett.

Horror became her staple for a while. She did a number of cosplays inspired by the Halloween franchise. One such outfit was the Kotobukiya Bishoujo version of Michael Myers, as well as Bishoujo Jason Voorhees later on. She made some waves with a iconic cosplay of Stefano Valentini from The Evil Within 2, which quickly became her favorite cosplay to date. Other notable horror characters she brought to life were the Rat Queen from the Layers of Fear series and Ln'eta, the female Cthulhu from the dating game, Sucker for Love. Zera even got a photo with Akabaka, (the creator of Sucker for Love) in said cosplay.

There are many more horror costumes that debuted in this time.

Horror is a genre that will always be Zera's favorite to return to, but it is not all she does. She has since gone on to cosplay from the Persona series, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, Genshin Impact, and Devil May Cry.

Zera creates various TikToks in cosplay and sometimes videos for Youtube, although her latter uploads have gotten more infrequent. She addressed this in a recent video, stating that she is unsure how to keep up content on Youtube, but Tiktoks will keep coming. She occasionally posts videos about non-cosplay related things, such as theories for the games she enjoys, and horror movie franchise reviews.

She continues to post her latest cosplays to Twitter and Instagram.