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Yukari Hayasaka
This character is from Paradise Kiss.

Yukari Hayasaka is a pretty high school senior that studies dutifully for her university entrance exams. She cannot find meaning in her repetitive life and feels that she has not truly lived at all. As a student at a prestigious high school, she begins with a snobbish attitude towards the fashion design students. After she is scouted by Arashi and "kidnapped" by Isabella, her attitude towards them begins to change to one of admiration for the students' passion and drive.

Her intense relationship with George pushes her to grab hold of her identity, despite the fact that she feels he is a cold and manipulative man. The members of ParaKiss support her as she discovers new depths to her ambitions and personality. She is often referred to as "Caroline" by the members of ParaKiss. (Before the group knew her name, they called her Caroline. The nickname stuck.) In the manga, she eventually marries Hiroyuki after George leaves to pursue fashion design in Paris. In the anime, she gets married to an unnamed boyfriend. In the live-action film, she rejects Hiroyuki and finds George while on a modelling job in New York.[1]


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