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This character is from the Magi manga series.

Yamraiha is one of the Eight Generals of Sindria. She is a Magician who specializes in Water Magic and Aladdin's Magic Teacher. Yamraiha originated from Musta'sim Kingdom and was a former member of the Magnostadt Academy, but is currently residing in Sindria.

Generally, Yamraiha is a sweet and caring person, but she also has a violent side and a sharp tongue. She can be nice to people she is interested in, and respects Sinbad a great deal. She's confident in her magic skills. She has a fierce rivalry with Sharrkan, since she claims that Magic is better than swordsmanship while he claims the opposite. It seems that she's very shy in front of the person she likes, and she gets very nervous in these occasions.[1]


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