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The X-Men are perhaps the best known superhero team inside the Marvel universe and, at the very least, the largest. Originally put together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect and nurture young mutants, the group has split into multiple teams over the course of its history, including the X-Men, X-Factor, and X-Force. Their activities are global and span multiple timelines.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.


X-Men cosplay
AngelApocalypseArchangelBeastBishopBlinkCableColossusCyclopsDani MoonstarDeadpoolDominoEmma FrostGambitGoblin QueenHavokHepzibahIcemanJuggernautKitty PrydeLady DeathstrikeMagikMagnetoMister SinisterMonet St. CroixMystiqueNightcrawlerOmega RedOmega SentinelPhoenixPolarisProfessor XPsylockeRevancheRogueSabretoothStormSunpyreWolverineX-23