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In WildStar Online, players choose a side and fight for control of Nexus, while uncovering the secrets of the hyper-advanced Eldan that disappeared from the planet long ago. They meet The Entity and Drusera and find out how they came to exist and also battle back The Strain, a corrupting force on the planet.[1]

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.



WildStar Online cosplay
Artemis ZinAurinAvra DarkosAxis PheydraCalidor AntevianCaretakerCorrigan DoonDeadeye BrightlandDrakenDruseraEmperor MyrcalusGranokKit BrinnyMechariMedicMordeshProfessor PapovichQueen Myala EverstarStalkerVictor LazarinWarbot Infiltrator