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Yasemin Arslan, Also known as Vera-Chimera Cosplay, is a costume designer, pin-up model, actress, and freelance ambassador for cosplay in Australia. She is well-known for her fiery attitude and dedication towards this hobby, and she caught the world's attention when she was chosen for the role of Lilith The Siren in the multi-award winning game, Borderlands 2.

Yasemin has created an array of costumes from video games, comics, anime and animated films, which have sent her steadily rising in the cosplay scene. She has participated in multiple podcasts and panels, where she's helped discuss multiple subjects- both controversial and gratifying. She has also been given the reins to judge at local conventions, where she aims to spread the message of togetherness to the next generation.

With her undying passion, creative flow and sense of humor, Yasemin's aim is to entertain and educate this evolving world. Every day is a brand new adventure waiting for her, and she wants everyone to tag along.


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