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Titan A.E. is a 2000 American animated post-apocalyptic/dystopian science-fiction action-adventure film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. It chronicles the adventures of two humans named Cale Tucker and Akima Kunimoto and their alien allies as they venture across the universe to find the Titan, a spacecraft with the power to create an entire planet from scratch, to defeat the Drej, an evil alien race made of pure energy known for their planet-busting weapons who seek to conquer and rule the entire universe and exterminate every species that they see as a threat to them.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.


Titan A.E. cosplay
Cale TuckerAkima KunimotoJoseph KorsoStithChowquinFirrikash and PoGuneSam TuckerTekPreedDrejDrej Queen