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Tiger & Bunny is a series that takes place in a fictional, re-imagined version of New York called Sternbild City where "justice" and "heroics" are commercialized commodities. Forty-five years ago certain individuals began to manifest superpowers called NEXT and several of them chose to become costumed superheroes. Each is sponsored by major real-life companies which are prominently featured as advertisements on the heroes' uniforms. Their heroic activity is broadcast on the popular television show Hero TV, where they accumulate points for each feat of heroism accomplished and the best ranked hero of the season is crowned "King of Heroes".[1]

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.



Tiger & Bunny cosplay
Barnaby Brooks Jr.Blue RoseDragon KidFire EmblemGolden RyanOrigami CycloneRock BisonSky HighWild Tiger