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Tayla Barter otherwise known as Kinpatsu Cosplay is a cosplayer and artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. She's been cosplaying since October 2012. She's always been a huge fan of gaming and anime as well as art. Cosplay was a way to bring all the things she loved most together in a creative way.

Her name comes from the fact that kinpatsu means "blonde" in japanese which is the colour of her own hair, so in english this translates to blonde cosplay.

She has created cosplays from a variety of genres including anime, games, comics, cartoons, series and films. Many of her cosplays are from the blizzard and league of legends universe.

Tayla is also known for her high speed crafting in the cosplay world, creating a new costume (sometimes 2-3) every single month. In 2017 she created a total of 30 new cosplays.


  • Alexstrasza - 1st place Overall at rAge Expo 2017
  • Valeera - 1st place overall at Geekfest 2017
  • Arcanine - 1st place Anime Category + 1st place Craftsmanship Category at rAge 2016
  • Kayle - 1st place in the costume creation category at rAge 2015
  • Shyvana - 1st place in the Geek Fest cosplay competition 2015
  • Syndra - 2nd in the Gaming Category at Kin Con 2014
  • Jinx - 2nd in the Gaming Category at rAge expo 2014


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