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The initial Star Ocean takes place in S.D 346 and tells the story of Roddick Farrence, a young Fellpool living in the town of Kratus on the underdeveloped planet of Roak. One day, a strange and very contagious disease begins turning people in the northern city of Coule to stone. Roddick and his friends set off for Mt. Metorx to recover the Metorx Herb, a legendary herb said to cure any ailment. When they reach the summit where the herb grows, mysterious lights burst from the ground and a man and a blond woman wearing odd clothes appear before them. They introduce themselves as Ronyx J. Kenny, captain of the Terran Alliance starship Calnus, and Ilia Silvestri. The pair explains the three Fellpool that they are from another planet, Earth, and invite them to help find the cause of the plague.[1]

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