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Spider-Man is one of the most well-known characters of the Marvel comics universe. Almost every iteration of Spider-Man centers on Peter Parker, a young college student who was bitten by an irradiated spider. The bite transferred to him all the abilities a spider possessed, including wall-crawling, strength, and dexterity. Spider-Man has worked with the likes of the Avengers and Fantastic Four and, like DC's Superman, works in journalism.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.


Spider-Man cosplay
Agent VenomBlack CatCarnageDemogoblinDoctor OctopusElectroGreen GoblinHobgoblinJ. Jonah JamesonJack O'LanternKraven the HunterLizardMadame WebMary Jane WatsonMysterioSandmanScarlet SpiderSilkSpider-GirlSpider-GwenSpider-ManVenomVulture