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This is a promotional character from AMD.

Awaking, Ruby hesitates to open her eyes. For a second, she forgets where she is: home. She has come home. Still, the idea seems so foreign. For five years she fought to get back here and, now that she has, it doesn’t seem real. In the darkness, her communicator blinks a steady, solitary red light, offering an assignment. She sits up.

“Lights on,” she says. Time accelerates as the room whirs to life. Lithe and nimble, she speeds through her routine – swathing herself in red she is dressed and armed in a flash. Breakfast can wait. She glides toward the door.

Passing a reflection device, she pauses, leaning close to the screen and sweeping her scarlet hair back. The time away has changed her. Unconsciously, she clenches her right fist, producing a gentle metallic sound as her fingers come together. Catching herself, she touches her arm and whispers, “Doesn’t even itch.”

Her hand feels as though blood still runs through it. How is that possible? Spreading her fingers, she senses strength coursing through them. She can waste no more time. She grins, her lip curling slightly on one side. She has a score to settle.[1]