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Ravus Nox Fleuret

Ravus is a young man with an imposing physical build. In Final Fantasy XV he has heterochromatic eyes with the right eye being blue and the left eye being purple. In Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV his eyes are gray.

He wears a white frock with black lining with a large collar that has a purple trim, and armored boots. Black downward-pointing sword symbols are found on the hem and sleeves of his coat, as well as a large crest with a unicorn of what is assumed to be the crest of either Tenebrae or House Nox Fleuret, as Lunafreya also wears it on her casual dress. Ravus's crest has crossed swords underneath, which may represent his military service. After his left arm is severely burned, it is replaced with a magitek prosthetic that bears the symbol of a white wolf on its shoulder.[1]


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