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RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile role-playing game developed and published by Israeli game developer Plarium Games, a subsidiary of the gambling company Aristocrat Leisure. A port to PC was released on January 21, 2020. It is best known for its aggressive sponsorships, which became a subject of an internet meme. It received mixed reviews from critics.

It is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing gacha game. The game's story takes place in the fictional realm of Teleria, which has been subjugated by the Dark Lord Siroth. Players take the role of an ancient Telerian warrior resurrected to defeat the Dark Lord Siroth and restore peace and harmony to the territory of Teleria. Players must assemble an army for battles in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts and temples defended by enemies and possible allies. Throughout the game, players accumulate Shards, vessels containing the souls of past warriors. Shards come in four types with different properties. The game has two forms of currency: Silver, which is relatively easy to come by, and Gems, which are a lot more difficult to acquire. There is also a cost in Energy for running any of the campaign and dungeon stages. Without Energy you can't progress in the campaign. It runs out quickly, and after the first day players will have to be very careful not to waste it. [1]

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