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Quasimodo's Mother
This character is from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Quasimodo's mother (born c. 1430 in Melun, France — died 1462 in Paris, France) is a gypsy and a very loving mother who tried to save her son from the cruelty of the French government of the time, and loves him in spite of his deformity. She was from the town of Melun, a town upstream of the Seine river from Paris and she sailed to Paris with her husband and several other gypsies and her son, but she and her husband were found by Frollo, while her husband was arrested by Frollo's soldiers, she ran through the streets of Paris, with Frollo giving chase on his horse, Snowball. She seems to be knowledgeable of Catholic laws, seeking sanctuary at Notre Dame when she was being chased by Frollo, yelling "Sanctuary! Please, give us sanctuary!" banging on the cathedral door, demanding the cathedral to let her and her son in, but to no avail, when Frollo did catch up to her, she was pushed off the stairs when Frollo was taking Quasimodo from her hands, breaking her neck and splitting her head, killing her in the process. Frollo then realizes what she was carrying was really a deformed baby (that being Quasimodo himself) and tries to kill him by dropping him into a well, thinking it to be "an unholy demon" in his own words. Thankfully, the Archdeacon who finally answered the pound on the door arrives just in time to stop Frollo and makes him adopt the baby to repent for murdering an innocent woman. The Archdeacon then takes her body and gives her a proper burial. She was voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman, who also voiced Timmy Turner in Oh Yeah! Cartoons' The Fairly OddParents shorts before The Fairly OddParents was spun off into its own series and due to Mary Kay Bergman's death in 1999, she was replaced by Tara Strong in Timmy Turner's role. Mary Kay Bergman was also the lead female voice actor for the first three seasons of South Park.[1]


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