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Princess WHN

Princess What's-Her-Name is a supporting character and romantic interest of Earthworm Jim.

In the original Earthworm Jim video game, Princess What's-Her-Name appeared only briefly. In the ending scene, after defeating Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, Jim meets the Princess and instantly falls in love with her. She puckers up to kiss him, but as he approaches her, the cow that was launched in New Junk City lands on her, effectively crushing her.

The Princess played a more important role in the game's sequel Earthworm Jim 2. After being rescued from the slime pool and re-inflated by Jim, she finds herself impressed by his attempts to woo her (and, more importantly, his hefty bank account) and decides to fall in love with him. However, she is kidnapped by Psy-Crow, who desires to marry the Princess and use her royal status to become Ruler of the Universe. In the final stage of the game, Jim and Psy-Crow race each other to the altar to wed the Princess, with Psy-Crow ultimately losing.[1]


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