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Princess Euphemia
This character is from the Code Geass series.

Princess Euphemia li Britannia, 16 years old, was the Third Princess of the Britannian Imperial Family. Euphemia is Lelouch vi Britannia's half-sister and the sister he cared most about after Nunnally. Euphemia was the Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, a role she admittedly did not enjoy. Euphemia admired her older sister, Cornelia, but despised all combat in general, though was capable of piloting a Knightmare Frame.

Euphemia is said to be very beautiful. She had pink hair that is usually styled downwards with two buns on each side of her head. She is taller than average height but shorter than Lelouch and Suzaku. She is usually seen wearing a pink and white dress with a rose necklace.[1]


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