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Over thirty years ago, the Omnic Crisis, a world war between humans and omnics, began. During the crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to create Overwatch, an organization whose purpose was to restore peace to the nations and protect those affected by the catastrophe. In the end, the members of Overwatch succeeded in ending the Omnic Crisis and became historical heroes.[1]

Though the organization eventually disbanded after reports of mismanagement and participation in illegal activities by its black ops division, recently heroes OF Overwatch have returned to the fold due to present-day conflict, in direct violation of the Act that ended their team.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted. Some pages alternatively or also have cosplay reference kits.




Overwatch cosplay
AnaBastionBrigitteD.VaGenjiHanzoJunkratLúcioMcCreeMeiMercyPharahReaperReinhardtRoadhogSoldier: 76SombraSymmetraTorbjörnTracerWidowmakerWinstonZaryaZenyatta