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Nadia Baiardi, otherwise known as NadiaSK, is an Italian cosplayer, costume designer, and fashion stylist. She collaborates with the Italian Theatre and Worldwide Fashion Magazine.

She started in the most important conventions around the world in 2004 and she has since won more than 80 awards - mostly as Best Female Cosplay or Best Group, with some of her more important costumes as Shiva from Final Fantasy X, June May from Cloth Road, Queen Esther from Trinity Blood, and Ashe from Final Fantasy XII.

She is often invited as special guest to the most important conventions worldwide, such as France, where she judged, performed, and hosted a workshop and panel about cosplay. She is featured in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, D Magazine, Cosmode, Cosmoplay, CosplayGen and in several cosplay books such as Otacool 2, Fenomenal Cosplay, 100%Otaku, Cosplay, Cosplay Photo, and Alessia in Wonderland. She has been a spokeswoman for Kodak, Square Italia, Wings of Magic, Winx, Diamond Eyelash, G2A, Gumi, and Gainax. She is now collaborating with Ubisoft as the official Evie from Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

MTV USA did a video documentary about her cosplay life (2 hours long) called NadiaSK, featured also in Europe and Japan.


  • She was the Italian Representative at the World Cosplay Summit 2008
  • In May 2010 she won Best Cosplayer of Italy in the Italian Cosplay Contest, going as Rydia Amano from Final Fantasy
  • In March 2011 she won third place in the international contest, Cosplay World Master, in Lisbon as Touhaku from Sengokushi Taisen; she also won the third place prize with June May from Cloth Road at the European Cosplay Gathering. 
  • In 2012 she took part at Cosplay World Master in Lisbon as Alice from Scissors Crown, winning first place. In 2012 she took part at Cosplay World Master in Brazil as the European Representative, winning third place
  • In 2014 she attended the World Cosplay Summit again as the Italian representative, winning second place and Best Performance Award.
  • In 2016 she attended the International Anime Congress in Montecarlo, representing Italy in the European Cosplay Gathering.


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