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Mount Lady

Yu Takeyama, also known as the Mineyama Hero: Mt. Lady, is the No. 23 Pro Hero and member of The Lurkers.

Yu is a curvaceous young woman who has purple eyes with white pupils and elegantly long eyelashes. She has prolonged, voluminous, creamy blonde hair reaching down to her waist with two shorter strands curled to frame her face, parted slightly to her right.

Her hero costume is composed of a purple and pale tan-colored skintight bodysuit, which is accented with orange stripes. The suit appears to have a pair of purple gloves with orange accents on the edge of the cuff. The design is similar for her "boots" which are cut off at the thigh in a deep v-shape. The suit also has three peculiar orange diamond-shaped dots on the purple top that are located under her chest, and she also wears a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides.[1]


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