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Moses (The Ten Commandments)

Moses ben Amram, (translated from Hebrew as "Moses son of Amram") fomerly known as Prince Moses, Commander of the Southern Host, is the main protagonist of The Ten Commandments, which is primarily based on the Book of Exodus found in the Bible. He is based on the biblical figure of the same name. He was a crown prince of Upper and Lower Egypt, shepherd of Midian, and ultimately the Hebrew leader and lawgiver notable for delivering his people out of their bondage in Egypt to Mount Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments from God upon the mountain's summit. Prior from escaping to Midian, he was a crown prince of Egypt and the favor of Pharaoh Sethi I. When he knew his true heritage, which was kept from him by his adoptive mother Bithiah, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daugher and saw the affliction of his people in slavery. He then murdered Baka, an Egyptian master-builder, in order to save Joshua from his wrath. When Rameses II learned this from Dathan, he brought Moses unto the shadow of Sethi's justice, who order him to be exiled from Egypt. Finding refuge in Midian, and in the house of Jethro the shiekh of Midian, he became the shepherd of Jethro's flocks and the husband of his eldest daughter Sephora. After some time, Moses was attracted by the burning bush, onto which God called unto him and ordered him to go back to Egypt and deliver the Hebrews away from bondage. So Moses, Joshua and Seporah left for Egypt. There they met Aaron, Moses's brother and Miriam, Moses's sister who had saved his life as a baby. Moses then went before pharaoh demanding Rameses to let the Hebrews go. Rameses however mocked Moses. Neferteri begged Moses to marry her but Moses showed his wife to her. Despite Moses's best efforts to demand Rameses to free the Hebrews, Rameses, not wanting to give up his workforce, refused to let the Hebrews go. As a consequence for Rameses's refusal to free the Hebrews, Egypt was visited by a series of disasters known as plagues. Moses turned the river Nile to blood at a festival of Khnum, and brought burning hail down upon Pharaoh's palace. Moses warned him that the next plague to fall upon Egypt would be summoned by Pharaoh himself. Enraged at the plagues, Rameses ordered that all first-born sons of Hebrews would die, but the angel of death instead killed all the first-born sons of Egypt, including the eldest child of Rameses and Nefretiri. Despairing at the loss of his heir, Pharaoh exiled the Hebrews, which began the Exodus from Egypt. After being taunted by Nefretiri, Rameses took his chariots and pursued the Hebrews to the Red Sea. Moses used God's help to stop the Egyptians with a pillar of fire, and parted the Red Sea. After the Hebrews made it to safety, Moses released the walls of water, drowning the Egyptian army in the process. A devastated Rameses returned empty-handed to Nefretiri, stating that he now acknowledged Moses's god as God. Moses again ascended the mountain with Joshua. He saw the Ten Commandments created by God in two stone tablets. Meanwhile, an impatient Dathan told the people that Moses was dead and urged a reluctant Aaron to construct a golden calf idol. A wild saturnalia occured and a decadent orgy was held by most of the Hebrews. After God informed him of the Hebrews' fall into debauchery, Moses descended from the mountain with Joshua. Enraged at the sight of decadence, he deemed the Hebrews unworthy and smashed the tablets at the golden calf. The calf exploded, killing Dathan and the wicked revelers. The remaining Hebrews were forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years. An elderly Moses later lead the Hebrews towards Canaan. However, he could not enter the Promised Land because of a previous disobedience to the Lord (angering God at the Water of Strife). He instead named Joshua as leader to complete his mission, and bids farewell to the Hebrews at Mount Nebo.[1]


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