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Prince Moses

Moses (born 1334 BC in Goshen, Egypt - died 1214 BC in Mount Nebo, Moab (present-day Jordan)) is the titular main protagonist of DreamWorks Animation's 2nd film, The Prince of Egypt. He is based on the biblical figure of the same name. He is the son of Yocheved and Amram, and younger brother of Miriam and Aaron, grandson of Benjamin on his father's side, grandson of Levi on his mother's side, great-grandson of Jacob, great-great-grandson of Isaac, and great-great-great-grandson of Abraham. As an infant, he was put into a basket by his mother and was adopted by Queen Tuya and Seti I. He became Ramses' adoptive younger brother. Later in life, Moses learned of his true identity and eventually was commissioned by God to fight to free the Israelites from slavery who first spoke to him via a Burning Bush.

While growing up, Moses lived the carefree life of a prince. He was lively, rakish, and fun-loving. He was also very loving towards his "mother", Queen Tuya, his "father", Pharaoh Seti I, and his "older brother", Rameses. However, Moses was also very privileged and insensitive towards those "beneath" him. He tended towards recklessness in addition to his good qualities. After God revealed to him his true heritage through a dream, however, Moses's personality underwent a change. He began to care about Hebrew slaves and became sensitive to his "superiority". When Moses escaped Egypt and lived in Midian, he became more responsible as a shepherd and care-giver to the people of Jethro's tribe. After Moses was chosen by God to become the leader of the Hebrews who spoke to him through a burning bush, he was forced to adopt a more serious personality so he could fight for his people's independence from Egypt. Yet throughout the film, Moses maintains his loving nature and free-spirit.

He is voiced by Val Kilmer (who also provides the voice of God) whereas his singing voice is provided by Amick Byram.[1]


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