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Milynn Sarley grew up with an obsession for unicorns, video games, and geekery. After an awkward childhood, she decided to move to LA and pursue acting. Currently she is working on total world domination. She likes to spend her free time snowboarding, shooting guns, and hugging puppies.

Shortly after moving to LA, Milynn booked a lead role in the independent film, Weeding Out, was a recurring guest host for Attack of the Show!, a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother, and has also appeared on The Guild. She has been an ambassador for EA Games, and is in the upcoming Roddenberry short film White Room 02B3.

Using her lifelong love of unicorns and the geek world, Milynn, with her creative partners in Team Unicorn, creates and stars in geek centric videos, such as the award winning online sensation, G33K & G4M3R Girls, quickly becoming an emerging brand in the genre community.[1]



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