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Mario (Japanese: マリオ, Mario?, Mario) (originally called Mr. Video Game, introduced as Jumpman and also called Super Mario or by his full name Mario Mario) is the titular protagonist of the long-running and highly successful Nintendo video game franchise of the same name and the mascot of Nintendo. He is a mustached Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario also sometimes rules his own land, Mario Land. Mario and his brother, Luigi, are plumbers who originally worked in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States, where they worked in the sewers cleaning the pipes and knocking out pests such as shellcreeper turtles, sidestepper crabs and fighter flies, as shown in Mario Bros. (1983), until they found a warp pipe that transported them to the Mushroom Kingdom just prior to the events of Super Mario Bros. (1985), where unfortunately, they arrived right when the kingdom was being invaded by a group of turtles known as the Koopa, lead by their king, the power-hungry Bowser, who had transformed all of the kingdom's citizens, the Toads, into blocks, stones and field horse haired plants using his powerful black magic, Princess Peach Toadstool, the only person capable of undoing Bowser's spell was kidnapped and held prisoner at Bowser's Castle, so when Mario and Luigi heard this, they set out to rescue her, fighting Bowser's Army and collecting coins and powerups along the way, when they reached Bowser's Castle, defeated Bowser, rescued Princess Peach and restored peace to the Mushroom Kingdom for the very first time, they decided to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom as its guardians. Since then, Mario mainly fulfills the role of rescuing Princess Peach and other innocents from the clutches of power-hungry villains such as Bowser, the ever-persistent King of the Koopas, in the Super Mario series of platforming games. While not adventuring, Mario participates in a variety of parties, races, sporting events and even works as his alter-ego, Dr. Mario. Mario also has a baby counterpart named Baby Mario, introduced in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995) as his infant counterpart but later made a standalone character in Mario spinoffs. He was created by Shigeru Miyamoto as a stand-in for Popeye when Nintendo could not acquire the rights to said character. According to a 1993 Nintendo character guide, Mario is classified as "Homo nintendonus", and according to the Insiders' Calendar included in the second issue of Nintendo Power, Mario's birthday is October 11; however, later sources have contradicted this citing his birthday as January 1. Games have usually portrayed Mario as a silent, straightforward character. According to Nintendo's philosophy, this allows Mario to fit in many different genres and roles. In nearly all of his spinoff appearances, Mario is defined as an all-around character. Since his debut, Mario has appeared in nearly every title in the Super Mario series. In addition, he has appeared in multiple television programs, comic books, and even two feature films. He is currently one of the most recognizable children’s favourite video game characters in the world, having him appeared in over a whopping 200+ games which is usually designated for people between the ages of birth to 18 years old. [1]


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