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Lady Madonna Tremaine (more commonly known as the Stepmother or the Evil Stepmother) is the main antagonist of Disney's 1950 animated feature film Cinderella. As the cold-hearted stepmother of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine does not harm her stepdaughter physically. Rather, she seeks to punish and abuse her psychologically, motivated by her jealousy of Cinderella being far more beautiful than her own awkward daughters, Anastasia and Drizella (although her abuse later extends towards them). Lady Tremaine was also a socialite, determined to gain higher status by marrying one of her daughters to Prince Charming or another bachelor of noble or royal blood.

Lady Tremaine appears to have aged well, with sharp facial features, including a notably large, hooked nose with pronounced creases on both sides. She has gray hair (brown in her youth) worn in a high heart-shaped pompadour, with a small lighter gray streak in the middle. Her green eyes are fierce and evil-looking when she is either angered or harboring evil thoughts, and her green orb-shaped earrings contrast her eye color. Her casual and most commonly seen set of clothes consists of a large crimson gown with a golden brooch near her neck that has a green gem in it, and the gown has a high purple collar with extended purple sleeves (She wears a purple version of this outfit in the third film). She wears a large green ring on her right ring finger that matches her earrings and brooch, and in the finale, certain close-ups show her nails are painted a lavender hue to compliment her sleeves. When sleeping, she wears a long-sleeved blue nightgown with a light blue collar and a pink hairstrap with azure straps. Her formal attire (which she wears to the ball) is a long purple gown with short sleeves. She usually carries an ebony cane with an inlaid stone, more for aesthetics than physical support. In the live-action re-imagining of the original film, despite being the mother of two fully-grown daughters, Lady Tremaine is a beautiful and elegant woman with red hair and blue eyes and is much younger in age than her animated counterpart. She is always fashionably dressed; for example, for the royal ball, she wore a gown made of emerald green taffeta with gold inserts, a pair of gold satin gloves, and her hair was embellished with three golden feathers.[1]


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