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Kleiner Pixel (born: January 1, 1999 [age 24]) is a YouTuber who does videos about cosplay.

Kleiner Pixel is a well-known cosplayer and YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers on her channel. For the past 6 years, she has been regularly posting cosplay makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, delighting her fans. She is mostly known internationally as one of the most famous cosplayers.

On her YouTube channel, Kleiner Pixel creates tutorials for anime and video game characters. She seems to particularly enjoy the game Genshin Impact/Honkai Impact 3rd, as she has created a large number of tutorials for several characters.

In 2019, Kleiner Pixel collaborated with the brand Uniqso to release her own contact lens designs. In her YouTube video "A Dream Came True," she showcases the design process for the contact lens "Anime Yandere" and "Anime Sparkle" and explains what inspired her to create the design.

She became particularly well-known in China for her Isabella cosplay from the anime The Promised Neverland, which earned her the Bilibili Fashion Award in 2021.

In 2021, Kleiner Pixel reached the 2 million subscribers milestone on her YouTube channel.

In 2022, she achieved another milestone by surpassing 1 million subscribers on the Chinese YouTube platform BiliBili and receiving the golden BiliBili Award.


  • Her first cosplay was Saber from the anime Fate Stay Night.
  • She loves white chocolate.
  • On her Patreon account, her fans can receive hand-signed prints.
  • Her favorite anime is Death Note.
  • She speaks three languages: German, English, and Japanese.
  • Her natural hair color is blonde, she has green eyes.
  • She is an only child but would love to have a little sister.