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Karen Kasumi is a cosplayer from Mexico who has also judged various events, such as Japonawa and Otaku Fest. She has also appeared in over a dozen publications. Her hobbies include drawing, and she practices with photography.


  • 1st place in Hallowenada of Ensenada 2008 - Cosplay Alice
  • 1st place in vianco mexicali 2009 - Cosplay Kairi
  • 1st place in online contest "Wigs anime style" 2011- Cosplay Saber
  • 1st place in gorilla fest 2012 - Cosplay Rachel
  • 1st place favorite of the public MCCON 2013 - Cosplay Pink Ranger ninja
  • 1st place in gamertron 2014 individual category - cosplay American Dream
  • 1st place in eveno cove 2016 - Sailor Saturn
  • 2nd place in avalon Ensenada 2009 - Cosplay Kairi
  • 2nd place in vianco Tj 2010 - Hikaru * 1st place in vianco tj 2009 - CC
  • 2nd place godzilla fest 2013 group category - cosplay know
  • 3rd place favorite of the public EXPO COMICS 2013 - Cosplay X-23
  • 4th place of 12 cosplayers in the selective for judge of CCP 2012
  • 4th place of 6 cosplayers in the selective for judge of CCP 2013


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