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Kanna Sama is an enthusiast cosplayer/artist who loves to go to conventions and meet fans of the characters she cosplay as.

She enjoys to draw traditional and digital art, playing video games, making AMVs, Musicallys and roleplay.

Her name, Kanna Sama, refers to the first character she made as a child, a strong and powerful fire deity. This character was for long a source for inspiration for her artistic activities.

Her connection with roleplay and fashion made her grow into a creative cosplayer, who likes to be a content producer wishing to cosplay characters from different series and her own Original Characters, such as Athenia.

She still likes to find people to roleplay with in the cosplay community to have fun and to watch the masquerade performances. Kanna Sama appreciates her followers inmensely and tries to interact with them as much as possible.


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