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Justice Society

The Justice Society is one of the original founding teams in the DC comics universe. The team existed during World War II, and members have come and gone throughout the years. In the most recent reboot of the team, it now consists of younger, more contemporary versions of the original members.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.


Justice Society cosplay
Anna FortuneAtomAtom SmasherBlack CanaryCitizen SteelDoctor FateDoctor Mid-NiteFlashGentleman GhostGreen LanternHawkgirlHawkmanHourmanJesse QuickJohnny SorrowJohnny ThunderLightningManhunterMiss AmericaMister AmericaMister TerrificPower GirlPsycho-PirateRouletteSandmanSpectreStar-Spangled KidStargirlStarmanWonder Woman