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This character is from Cowboy Bebop.

Initially Vicious' girlfriend and possibly a Syndicate member herself, Julia and Spike started a dangerous affair that led to Spike offering to abandon the Syndicate and elope with her, despite the fact that the Syndicate punishes desertion with death. Arranging to meet at a graveyard later, Spike knowingly walks into an ambush, resulting in a violent gun battle where he is presumed by the Syndicate to have died. Vicious had discovered the affair, however, and confronts Julia, telling her that she would have to kill Spike at the graveyard, or else they would both be killed. To protect not only herself but also the man she loved, Julia goes into hiding, never meeting Spike as both of them had planned; Spike himself was never aware of Vicious' threats until the very end of the series. Because of this, Spike is led to believe that Julia betrayed him, and adopts his characteristic fatalist mentality.

Despite being among the main driving points for the entire series, Julia only appears in flashbacks until the final two episodes. She acts as a stark contrast to the world around her — her blond hair, bright red umbrella, and automobile stand out in the otherwise drab environments that she inhabits.[1]


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