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This character is the main antagonist of the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Judge Claude Frollo (born 1416 — died 1482) is a powerful French justice minister from the country's capital city, Paris, who, after a series of sensitive circumstances, becomes the begrudged caretaker of the deformed Quasimodo. Aside from his political authority, Frollo is a Christian zealot with intolerance for sinners. He believes that the Romani people are the most heinous of all malefactors, and therefore dedicates twenty years of his life to eradicating them from France, even going as far as to accuse Esmeralda of being a witch and to burn down much of Paris. Frollo's self-imposed mission drives him to perform inhumane acts of violence, all the while using his loyalty to God to justify his atrocities. With a majority of the film's heavy thematic elements being directly tied to Frollo's story arc — such as religion, lust, genocide, antiziganism and Romaphobia — he is widely considered to be amongst the most complex and darkest Disney villains of all time. He was voiced by the late British actor Tony Jay.[1]


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