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In 2012, Honeybunch attended her first convention because of pressure from a friend. She encouraged her to come in costume, and though Honeybunch was hesitant, she quickly put together something and immersed herself.

Since then, she's found a new passion and hobby that brings out her creativity and desire to build stuff. She has a degree in design and a childhood of sewing, so it was a natural fit.

Her goal is to always build by hand and only buy something pre-made when absolutely necessary. You can always view her projects on her website; she details out materials, process, and more to show how she work.


  • 2015 DragonCon World of Warcraft Costume Contest - Second Place (Gul'dan)
  • 2015 SXSW Gaming Expo - Judge's Choice (Caitlyn from League of Legends)
  • 2014 DragonCon World of Warcraft Costume Contest - Judge's Choice (Illidan Stormrage)


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