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Hakuei Ren
This character is from the Magi series.

Hakuei Ren is the Kou Empire's first Imperial Princess. She is also General of the Northern Station Corps of the Kou Empire's Western Subjugation Army. Hakuei is the owner of the Djinn Paimon. She is a Dungeon Capturer, having captured one Dungeon, and one of Judar's King Vessels.

She is a young woman of average height with long, dark blue hair and blue eyes. She has thin, split-ended eyebrows and a mole on her chin in the same place as her brothers and their mother, Gyokuen. Her head wear has changed from wearing a simple hair ornament on the right side, to a metal headband with horsetail crests framing her face. During her time with the Kouga, she received a scar across her left cheek. After several months, she has acquired more scars throughout her body.

She wears traditional feminine robes with lightweight metal armor. She also carries a fan of white feathers which is also her metal vessel.[1]


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