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Geneviéve Reneé is one half of the American cosplaying couple, Mad Lovers Cosplay. She is a semi-professional cosplayer whose innate gifts for physical comedy and acting, combined with her voluptuous appearance and toned physique, have helped her find a small measure of fandom in the hobby.

She and her husband utilize her comedic and performance abilities to create humorous videos- that largely feature clowning or classic slapstick comedy such as pie fights or being slimed -in order to raise money for people in need, charities, and other worthy causes.

A cosplayer since 2010, Geneviéve's initial foray into the hobby began as a unique version of Harley Quinn- one of her own creation that she felt could blend with the visual style of the world of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight film trilogy (see below). Her take on the character features the classic red-and-black colors in a nod to the original jester costume, with her hairstyle being a tribute to the classic jester headgear. However, making the character drastically different are the more seductive and darker elements of the costume, such as the cleavage, handcuffs, and other S&M attributes she incorporated into the design.

Since debuting this character at Comic-Con 2010, Geneviéve has gone on to inhabit many other takes on her favorite character: Harley Quinn. Those incarnations include the classic jester version, multiple versions from the film Suicide Squad, the Arkham Asylum look, and many others.

GenevieveRenee Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

Geneviéve Reneé as her favorite character, Harley Quinn ("Arkham Asylum" version).

Genviéve's adaptations of other iconic, female, genre characters typically incorporate iconic aspects of those characters' appearances while also sometimes being modified to fit her own sensibilities, curvaceous body type, and athletic physicality.

She's also expanded her overall cosplay repertoire to include beloved genre characters such as Lara Croft, Emma Frost, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, the Black Cat, Jessica Rabbit, Elvira, Willie Scott, Marion Ravenwood, Black Widow, Black Canary, PowerGirl, Princess Leia Organa, Carol Marcus and 7 of 9 from the "Star Trek universe, and countless others.

Geneviéve can often be found attending WonderCon and Comic-Con as well as appearing as a guest at smaller Southern California cons (such as the now defunct NerdCon) and events. She is always looking to expand her public appearance schedule and can be contacted via any of her social media sites as well as her Patreon.


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