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Raija [1](known online as GameDweeber) is an American cosplayer based in Wisconsin. She has started cosplaying with a bunch of reptilian characters, with the most recent being the Montgomery Gator cosplay as of 2022.


Early Life

Before she became a cosplayer, she has founded a 501(c)(3) herpetological educational organization & rescue called Archie's Angels, Inc.[2], and the goal of that was to educate people how to properly care all reptiles, inspired by an incident where she received a Savannah monitor, but he passed away quickly due to the previous handler giving improper care before giving him to her[2]. She attended some colleges courses from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, founded by the Winston family to preserve Stan Winston's legacy, but began to pursue another career path after realizing that she did not want her art to be her career[2].


She has made 4 cosplays in total, and her first cosplay was Demon General Lucifer.

Her next cosplay was Ryu the Argonian[3], inspired by the Argonians from The Elder Scrolls, and a few more were commissions, such as the Hesperae (base by FossilFueledFX) in 2021 and Chucky the Radiant (base by DreamVisionCreations) in 2022.[4]

Montgomery Gator

Her most recent cosplay is Montgomery Gator from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.[5]

GameDweeber decided to collaborate with DaRegularSauce, but due to transportation costs and potentially repair costs for the costumes, she organized a GoFundMe with a goal of formerly $10,000, but decreased to $5,000 due to a recalculation on the shipping cost of Monty. There have been 7 donors so far with a public total of $185 and a grand total of $935 thanks to an hidden, anonymous donor who donated $750 for the flight to Las Vegas. The GoFundMe was later fully funded on February 16th, 2023.

During the LVL Up Expo 2023

On February 17th, 2023, GameDweeber finally flew to Las Vegas where he met Katt Baker and Luna, and the actual cosplays didn't appear until February 18th, 2023, when they (except Luna) dressed up in their cosplays, Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf, respectively. Even though Alcantar was going to meet up with them, there was a lot going on with him and his collaboration with Kellen Goff, making it much harder for him to join up with them. Then they decided to do a panel where they would discuss how 3D printing works and how they made their cosplays. As of 12:49 PM, February 19th, 2023, there is 6 hours and 40 minutes until the panel officially starts.


GameDweeber has earned the awards as follows for each cosplay and respective con:

Demon General Lucifer

  • Best Prop — Kitsune Kon 2017

Ryu the Argonian

  • Best in Show — Kitsune Kon 2018
  • Semi-Finalist — Next Level of Cosplay 2018

Monster Hunter Minerva

  • Best Masters — Kitsune Kon 2019
  • Best FX — Daisho Con 2019
  • Daily Deviation 2019 — DeviantArt

Montgomery Gator

  • Best in Show — Kitsune Kon 2022
  • 1st Place in Craftsmanship — LVL Up Expo 2023


  • Her icon is based on the second cosplay that she did, which is Ryu the Argonian. This icon is designed by InterfectorFactory.
  • Archie's Angels, Inc. is a volunteer & foster-based organization.


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Ryu the Argonian

Monster Hunter Minerva

Montgomery Gator

LVL Up Expo 2023

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