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Fire Emblem

The Fire Emblem games takes place across multiple unrelated settings within a Medieval or Renaissance-themed time period, with the story generally focused on the main protagonist caught in the conflict of two or more countries across a continent and fighting for their cause before having to defeat the game's final boss.

A recurring element in the series is the titular Fire Emblem, an object with magical powers. In Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, it is a shield inset with five magical gems. Its name derives from its connection to dragons and weapons of war, being the "emblem of flame". It also appears as a family crest in the continuity of Genealogy of the Holy War, a family seal in The Binding Blade storyline, a magical gemstone in The Sacred Stones, and in the Path of Radiance world it takes the form of a bronze medallion holding a goddess of chaos. Other magical elements, including feuding gods and conflict with mystical species such as dragons and shape-shifters are also recurring elements in the series.[1]

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