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Faith Connors
This character is from the Mirror's Edge series.

Faith Connors is a Runner and the sister of Kate Connors. An independent young woman, Faith detests the domineering, City regime that controls the City and the lives of its inhabitants. Faith's attitude towards the government is based in the events of her past, and causes her to rebel against it by becoming a Runner. Faith often seems to find herself involved in conspiracies surrounding the government due to her family connections or her circumstance as a Runner.

Faith has a short black hair stylized into a bob. She mainly wears a black tank top with white stripes running down on each side underneath her arm. She wears white cargo pants and special running shoes. She as a runner's tattoo running down her right arm, and a arm warmer and a single red fingerless glove. She has a tattoo on her eye. In Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Faith still wears a tank top, but with now with a mini vest, and her hair is a bit longer and has a parting way. She wears a more stylized set of pants, with black markings on it's sides. She retains her single fingerless glove.[1]


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