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Epic seven is rpg android IOS game. During the events of a celestial war, the Goddess Diche breaks away from the war after her brother Orbis dies. She builds a world on the body of Orbis, creating the world that Epic Seven takes place in. However, her other brother IIyros disagrees with her leaving the war and attempts to bring her back by sending the Archdemon to destroy the world that she created. To counter this, Diche creates heirs, people with more power than the average residents of Orbis. She also creates guardians to aid the heirs in defeating the Archdemon. She creates a heir to represent herself, Ras Eclare, who is named The Heir of the Covenant. Every time the heirs fail to defeat the Archdemon, she 'resets' the world by fixing the destruction and wiping everybody's minds of the defeat.[1]

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