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This character is the deuteragonist of Disney's The Black Cauldron.

Eilonwy is Taran's love interest. Eilonwy is portrayed as brave, cynical, and talkative, as shown by her tendency to go off into rants at Taran for seemingly trivial reasons (though he can be snippy back in their mutual antagonism). Despite her naturally strong-willed personality, she can be affectionate (for she tries to get Taran's spirits up in one scene and seems fond of Gurgi) and emotional, as shown by her anxiety after escaping from the Horned King's Castle and her genuine sadness at Taran's near-sacrifice during the film's climax; by the end of the film, Eilonwy has dropped her defenses significantly and she and Taran begin to be romantically involved. Eilonwy appears to be addled once she first appears, confused and thinking her reasons for being imprisoned in the Horned King's Castle vague. Eilonwy is a 12-year-old girl with a delicate figure, fair skin, pink lips, blue eyes, and long, flowing blonde hair that goes past her hips. She wears a dark violet band on the back of her hair, a pink skirt with a light pink underskirt, a white petticoat, a dark violet bodice, long off-white pink puffy sleeves, and black flats. Eilonwy appears to have magical capabilities, which save her, Taran, and Fflewddur from the Horned King's prison. She was voiced by the late British actress Susan Sheridan.[1]


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