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Crowe Altius

Crowe is a young woman with long brown hair loosely tied up in a bun and brown eyes. She wears the female Mage variation of the Kingsglaive uniform: a jacket made of black leather, a form-hugging sleeveless black bodysuit that has a zipper running down the torso and an intersecting chain in between her collarbone joined by a red gemstone, black pants, and thigh high black boots. A black belt appears around Crowe's waist that holds her dagger, and fingerless gloves made of red leather cover her hands along with arm warmers. A cape with a red interior hangs from Crowe's shoulders. Crowe's plainclothes are a brown jacket with a camo print on the shoulders. She also dons a green top underneath, dark blue jeans, an orange belt, black boots, fingerless gloves and has a storage pack fastened to her right thigh.[1]


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