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Clover "cl0ver_cha0tic" Downey is a young cosplayer on TikTok, currently with around 13k active followers, and more people following him each day. He makes lots of in cosplay memes and shitposts, but makes edits of his favorite pop culture characters as well. He loves his partner very much too and hes very fucking gay.

Clover was born AFAB in 2006, displaying interest in both stereotypically masculine and feminine hobbies, such as pretending to be a cowboy or playing with dolls, but around the age of 4, his interest shifted to more feminine things like playing with dolls and doing fashion shows with his sisters. One thing here never changed, however: His love for cosplay and Halloween. When he was 2 or 3, he enjoyed playing dress up with his 2 sisters. This would later on screw him up big time, causing him to be a cosplayer.

At age 10, Clover got the app He started to be obsessed with Eddsworld at the time, and decided to cosplay from Eddsworld. He didn't have any wigs, so he just used his normal hair and some filters and changed his hoodie occasionally. When Clover was 13, he got his first cosplays: Junko Enoshima and Hatsune Miku. He cosplayed every day now. In 2020, when quarantine made him not do school in person, he decided to get better at cosplay, and also cosplay some male characters. He started by cosplaying Nagito Komaeda, who would later on become the cosplay that got Clover to where he is now, and the cosplay that made Clover realize he had psychosis and multiple delusional attachments.

Around April of 2021, Clover was bullied by his closest friends because of false accusations of saying nasty things when he really didn't know that what he was saying was wrong. This caused him to go into hiding for a full month before deleting his old account and starting his current one.

Now Clover has a massive fanbase, which is also very welcoming. He tries to be friends with all his fans because, in his words, “I may be a niche internet micro-celebrity, but I should still try and be kind.” Offline, Clover is a very sweet man who can easily charm people and befriend them, which is the reason he got so successful. He is currently working on programming a mod for the hit game Friday Night Funkin’ called “Vibes from the Void: Week Cl0ver”, which features his TikTok mascot, Cl0ver the void demon, and many more characters to come.


  • Coolest brother award
  • Best trans son 2021
  • Worst humor
  • Award of being too swag for life
  • Worst boyfriend of all time





All the references are from Clover himself. This article was written entirely by Clover because he's a bitch who wants to think he's famous. -Clover

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