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Elda, or better known as "Chii", is the main female protagonist of Chobits. She is a small and loveable Persocom, who turns out to be a legendary Chobit. She has an unremovable program that allows her to feel human emotions. She currently lives in Toyko, Japan at Gub Jogasaki Apartments and has a job at Chiroru Bakery.

Chi is a very small Persocom, being of only 152 cm tall. She has amber-brown eyes and long, pale blonde hair (more yellow-blonde in the anime) that reaches the ground, and is usually left unstyled besides having portions of her hair pulled forward with white and pink spools to bunch the upmost hair into bunches. Her skin is on the pale side. She also has pink and white bell-shaped ears to match her spools. In the beginning, she often wore a dark red dress that flows to her knees and has white cuffs around her wrist, and around her neck the dress has a white fold over collar. She wore short white socks with red shoes to match her dress.[1]


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