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Brave Frontier is mainly set in the fictional land of Grand Gaia, a world ravaged by a war between humans and the Gods that took place many years ago. It is a land surrounded by a veil of mystery but engulfed in havoc as certain places have been conquered by four fallen gods, who have betrayed their fellow gods. The Imperial army and the Akras summoners hall are doing their best to handle the chaos the fallen gods and their demonic legions are causing, but have not been able to push them back. But, amidst the chaos, a god by the name of Lucius summons a hero to be his champion and liberate Grand Gaia from The Four Fallen Gods.[1]

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.



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AllanonAmu YunosAvaniAzuraiClaireColtDeanDianaEdeaEliseElzaFadahlGiselleHaileIliaKafkaLianaLiberaLucianaMelMoraParisRedaSeriaTeslaTilith