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Blue Rose
This character is from the Tiger & Bunny series.

Karina Lyle, aka Blue Rose, is a superhero who still attends high school. She lives with her parents and makes use of her heroic feats to boost her career as a singer. She also works as a pianist under her real name in a local restaurant.

Blue Rose has the ability to control and manipulate ice. The majority of the time she uses a pair of "Liquid Freezing Guns" to channel her powers, but she is also able to channel her powers without them. When using her powers without the guns, the infinity symbol appears. Her so-called "Cutie Escape", considered somewhat of a signature technique, involves her sliding down the nearest icy slope to get away from a dangerous situation which Wild Tiger commented that she's just running away like a coward. She hasn't used it as often since deciding to become a more dedicated hero, however.[1]


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