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Birdi Cosplay is a cosplayer/artist located in the Midwestern United States, she loves volleyball, movies, gaming and makeup. She creates artwork from costuming and makeup to painting and drawing.

Her name is based from Birdy the Mighty, an anime/manga series she always liked, she wanted something short, cute and easy to remember.

Birdi has been cosplaying when she was 12 but started to develop her skills seriously since 2014. She enjoys to cosplay is characters from 80's and 90's animes, loves to travel to different conventions and meet awesome people in the community.

What she enjoys the most about cosplay is to meet people, some of her best friends were introduced in conventions. She especially enjoys to team up to work with other cosplayers, to do photoshoots and exchange technique to help others, to have fun, learn and grow as cosplayer.


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