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Note: This character is from The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Belphegor is the Demon King of Sloth, known for being lazy or unwilling. Belphegor has two pointed horns on her head, and a ringed tail with three claws at the end. True to her name, she only wears a big white shirt, white panties and socks. Belphegor has a white rose shaped tattoo on top of her breasts. Belphegor also has a black or grey bow tied around her neck along with a little bell. She has three straps around her thighs.

Belphegor spends the day almost without moving one inch, and almost all the business she takes care of is within the range of her tail. She especially likes drinking sake, playing games, watching anime and spending time on PCs, and it’s only when enjoying these that she spares no efforts.[1]


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