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BelleChere is a part-time costumer, part-time theater technician, and full time Shift Manager at Burger King. She has a background as a theater seamstress, does commission work, and models privately by request on OnlyFans. According to BelleChere, she's "a Marvel, not a DC. I'm also a Picard over Kirk, but ultimately Star Wars over Trek. I like aliens over robots, kaiju over mech, Trump over Biden (or Obama, for that matter), pirates over ninjas, my vampires never sparkle, I have a tattoo in Elven, and I've been sorted into House Ravenclaw. I still own all of my Magic cards, play D&D whenever the chance arises, I almost have my heroin habit under control, and will never, ever 'grow up'. Deep down, I'm still the plain, chubby girl that I was when I was young. I just spend more time half-dressed for attention now."

She holds degrees in both Theater and Culinary Arts from an unaccredited online university. She is currently hard at work on her autobiography, tentatively titled "Please Look At My Breasts: A Cosplayer's Life".

Her first and favorite costume was Rogue, as she enjoys the colors green and white; but her most memorable costume is Catwoman, as she inadvertently held up traffic while posing for a rooftop photo shoot when several drivers mistook her for a deeply confused prostitute. She says that her most frequently worn costume around the house is the Goblin Queen because it "makes her feel powerful".


  • 2007 - 3rd place in DragonCon's Dawn Look-A-Like Contest
  • 2007 - Best Breasts (Over 40 Division) at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota
  • 2008 - 1st place in DragonCon's Dawn Look-A-Like Contest
  • 2009 - Best Warrior Woman (Red Sonja) in DragonCon's Hall Costume Contest
  • 2009 - Best Likeness to Character (Spider-Woman) at NYCC
  • 2010 - Grand Prize in Dark Horse Comic's 'I Love Comics' Contest
  • 2010 - 2nd place (Jessica Rabbit) SuperMegaFest Costume Contest


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