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Belldandy is a Goddess Princess from Heaven and the main female protagonist of the Ah! My Goddess series. She first appeared to Keiichi to grant him his heart's greatest wish, resulting in him voicing his desire to have her remain by his side forever.

She is a tall woman with a youthful appearance and bright blue eyes, and dark blue triangular markings adorning her cheeks, with a thin diamond-shaped crest in the center of her forehead. Her light brown hair styled into two large bangs which frame the sides of her face, four thinner locks of hair branching out from the top of her head and curving downwards on either side like antennae. Her long, shiny hair, is usually tied into a ponytail that runs down her back. Belldandy has a slim, yet shapely figure, and creamy light complexion in direct contrast to the more voluptuous, bronze-skinned appearance of her older half-sister, Urd. She is often seen wearing golden earrings, which are actually used to keep her full powers from adversely affecting those around her. Once her power limiters are removed, Belldandy's facial markings change to a circles with elongated designs on either side, and her hair turns a bright silver color.[1]


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