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Batman is one of the most iconic characters of the DC comics and cinematic universe. He is a dark, brooding detective, spurred by the murder of is parents into becoming the shadowy hero that dons the mantle of the bat. He has had various partners throughout his career, as well as various versions of his sidekick, Robin.

Below are characters on the site that cosplayers have depicted.


Batman cosplay
BaneBatmanAlfred PennyworthAzraelBatgirlBatwomanCatwomanCommissioner GordonDeadshotDeathstrokeHarley QuinnHuntressThe JokerLucius FoxMister FreezeNightwingPenguinPoison IvyRa's al GhulRed HoodRed RobinThe RiddlerRobinScarecrowSolomon GrundyTalia al GhulTwo-Face