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Ayano Kannagi

Sixteen-year-old Ayano Kannagi is a skilled "Enjutsushi" and the named successor to the Kannagi family head. She is arrogant and impetuous, usually taking action by herself even while going against orders. Though she seems undisciplined, she believes deeply in her heritage, and more than once served as the voice of reason and drawn Kazuma back to action or sanity. Though cocky and thoughtless on the surface, she is self-conscious and sometimes unsure. She looks to others for guidance and simultaneously feels that she should not, responding yearningly to approval and affection. Though she finds his arrogance and teasing abrasive, Ayano develops a crush on Kazuma but is easily flustered when he flirts with her, irritated due to his habit of taunting her immediately afterward, and is prone to unjustified indignance when he gets close to another woman. She later comes to realize that she is actually in love with him. Kazuma is the only person she sees as stronger in power and presence than even her own father.[1]


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